About Us

Rio Metals is a trustworthy trading company that deals with gold, silver, and topaz gems with efficiency. Our company primarily focuses on the import-export of these types of products for which we have experienced team members with enough knowledge. Trading has become one of the most important pillars of the economy nowadays, and we understand this responsibility. We believe in establishing a long and intimate working relationship with our clients as well as suppliers as their opinions matter to us. We are aimed to provide efficient and immediate service and also continuously try to exceed the expectations to reach our goal.


  • Sherif El Ghamrawy
    The best company to buy investment gold. Even though this is a refinery, they still take care of their individual retail clients with the utmost levels of professional courtesy.
    Sherif El Ghamrawy
  • Nitesh Gupta
    Best quality products! You can choose from a variety of products such as investment gold bars or coins and so on. The CEO is very open-minded and knows his business.
    Nitesh Gupta
  • Preeti bohra
    Extra Ordinary Experience, Safe Transactions, Precise Work, Fast Delivery, High Quality Gold
    Preeti bohra
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